Timber Surfboards

fish, bonzers, quads, mini simmons planing hulls, alaias, paddleboards…

Custom surfboards inspired by shapes and ideas from the past, but have modern refinements to the rails, concaves and fins.

I’m always experimenting to make lighter, stronger faster, fruitier shaped boards.

I’m interested in making more sustainable surfboards that last years instead of a season or two. The starting price for a board is Au$3000, but if you look at how long the board will last you, it makes it a bargain.

I use a mix of Western Red Cedar, Balsa and Paulownia and glass with epoxy resin, which has less volatile organic compounds (VOC) than polyester and is 30% stronger.

They’re a bit heavier than your average surfboard, but when they’re in the water they feel lively and very fast in trim.

If down the track your board is looking well loved, you can always sand off the old finish coat and apply a new one.

To check out my quiver or to take a board for a test drive, give me a call on 0404 615 847 or drop me an email.