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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you come over to measure up and consult?

If the piece is to be free-standing, then generally I don’t need to, but I will if the space is difficult or tight, or if it’s a very large bookcase or a large job.

Can you build me something by the end of the week?

Most of the time I’m booked up 1 – 2 months ahead of time, so it’s unlikely but you can always ask.

Is a custom built piece going to be cheaper than one in a shop?

Probably not. Most store bought pieces have been fabricated on a production line so they are not one-off pieces.

Provided you have a realist budget, I can suggest timber options that might keep material costs down though.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I ask for a 50% deposit to cover materials, which I need before I order anything.

Do you work with MDF or particle board?


Ready to talk?

Email me your project requirements and I will get in touch with any questions and I’ll send you a ball park figure.

If that sounds good, then I will further scope out material costs and give you a project estimate.