Alaia fish hybrid

6′-19″-2′ Alaia fish hybrid

Custom made hollow wooden surfboard

5’9″ Fish

Custom made hollow wooden surfboars

Rocket fish

Timber Simmons-style fish

5’4″ Simmons-style fish

Hollow wooden surfboard

6′ Asymetrical Fish

5'9" Twin Keel Fish, fin detail, top and bottom view

5’9″ Twin Keel Fish

5 9 Fish in western red cedar

5’9″–20.5″–2.5″ Fish

Hollow wooden surfboard

5’7″–22.5″–2.5″ Mini Simmons Fish in balsa

5'10" Flex Tail Fish – double concave

5’10″ Flex tail fish

Hollow wooden fish

5’10″ Fish

5'7" Fish in western red cedar – single to double concave

5’7″ Fish