Nathaniel Grey – Bespoke timber furniture, made in Marrickville, Sydney

Inspired by the simplicity of modern Japanese and Danish designs and built to last, from new and recycled timber and plywood only (no MDF or Particle Board).

I can design a unique piece of furniture for you or if you have something in mind I can make it for you.

Call 0404 615 847 or email to arrange a quote today.

Belinda’s Tasmanian blackwood bed

Susan’s octagonal coffee table

Birch ply bookshelf with walnut veneer

Susan’s birch ply bookshelf

Catherine’s Low-line Tasmanian blackwood bookshelf

Claire’s Tasmanian blackwood bookshelf

John’s home office

Ayu’s ebonised cabinet

Tasmanian blackwood table with lift off top becomes a games table

Andrew’s dining/games table

Bespoke wall unit in white-washed kauri pine

Terrence’s wall unit

a narrow

Annies’s doorway bookshelf

Catherine’s drop-leaf dining table

Janai’s blackwood cabinet

Susan’s birch ply trundle bed

Janai’s birch plywood table

Cantilevered oak bookcase

Paul’s block-printed shelves

Jane's American oak cabinet and bookshelf combo

Jane’s cabinet and shelving combo

custom shelves

Lou’s big blackwood shelves

Tammy’s display shelves

built-in entertainment unit

David’s slim-line entertainment unit and shelves

Room-divider shelves

Abby’s room-divider shelves

Wall-mounted shelves

Brody’s floating shelves

Round coffee table

Sophie’s round coffee table

custom wall unit

Matt’s entertainment wall and storage

Laura’s coffee tables

Laura’s Art Deco style lounge room fit-out

Katherine’s Cabinet

Bonne’s extra-large wall unit

Home office; Desk and filing-cabinet

Eileen’s sound desk and shelves

Kauri pine bookshelves custom made forfireplace recess

John’s fireplace recess bookshelves

Caroline’s entrance wall unit

Ben’s minimalist desk

Built-in wall shelving

Liz’s home library

Kate’s desk

Rick's custom lounge

Rick’s luxury lounge

Rick’s outdoor setting

Rebecca's blackwood desk

Rebecca’s blackwood desk

Rebecca’s blackwood shelves

Sue’s entertainment unit

Ben's custom bookshelves, and desk

Ben’s home office with shelves and daybed

David’s bedroom fit-out

Kristy's blackwood-shelves

Kristy’s bookshelves

Anthony’s desk and cabinet

Phillip's custom dining table

Phillip’s dining table

David’s kauri shelves

Alex’s bookcase

Chris' blackwood and American maple bed

Chris’ bed

Arturo’s wall unit

Kate’s shelving

B’s hall cabinet

Dierk and Jenny’s desk units

Kevin’s entertainment unit with bookshelves

Custom shelves with shadowline detail

Roger’s Shelves

Cusom wall unit, shelves and cabinet in Birch Plywood

Nora’s wall unit

custom made low-rise entertainment unit in ebonised American oak

Matt’s Ebonised entertainment unit

Matt’s Storage

Justine’s bookshelves

Brett’s floating hideaway desk

Tim’s desks, cabinet and shelves

Sean's entertainment unit in birch ply

Sean’s entertainment unit

Glen’s shelves

Cindi’s low-line bookcases

Custom made floating console

Ron’s floating console

Custom made wall unit in birch Ply

Sean’s Wall unit

Custom made kauri pine bookcase

Paddy’s kauri pine bookcase

Sara’s mobile TV stand

Birch ply and mahogany desk and shelves combination

Sean’s desk and shelf combination

Custom made couch in kauri pine ply

Belinda’s plywood couch

Bathroom cabinet in birch plywood

Sean’s bathroom cabinets

Zephyr's coffee table with drawer

Zephyr’s coffee table with drawer

Sarah’s round dining table

Roslyn’s bookcases

Custom made shadow-line bookcase

Anna-Louise’s shadow-line bookcase

Custom made display unit

ChrisTine’s display-unit

Custom made Extending dining table

Mike’s extending dining table

Simon’s table

Custom made bookcase

Susane’s bookcase

Custom made work bench

Communal Office Bench

Custom made Kauri pine office shelves

Rick’s office shelves

Custom made shelves with insert cubes

Marks shelves with inset cubes

Custom made cabinet in Tasmanian blackwood and birch ply

Mark’s Cabinet

Alexandria’s desk, cabinet & chest

Alison’s under-stair Entertainment unit

Deb’s Bookcases

Moon Park Restaurant tables

birch plywood cabinets

Mark’s plywood cabinets

Kate’s bathroom vanity

Sarah's table

Sarah’s kitchen table

David's kauri pine bookshelves

David’s bookshelves

Birch Plywood storage benches

Storage Benches

Café bench


Emma’s Bookcase

Tasmanian Blackwood shelves

Joanne’s bookcase

Desk made from left-over

Helen’s desk

Custom made Kauri pine wine cabinet

Caitlin’s wine cabinet

Custom made hi-fi unit

Helen’s hi-fi unit

Custom made floating cubes made from spotted gum

Sarahs floating cubes

Dorothea’s kauri pine bookcases

Darryl’s Floating Wardrobes

Darryl’s Bathroom Vanity

Custom made Bookcase/Room divider made from Kauri pine

Mark’s bookcase/room divider

Sarah’s wardrobe & workstation

custom made American oak coffee table

Floating cabinets and coffee table

custom made bamboo bike frame

Jake’s Bamboo Bike Frame

Paul’s Corner Desk

Jeff’s cabinets & drawers

Jeff’s floating shelves & desk

Jeff’s kitchen addition shelves

Jeff’s fold down desk

kauri pine plywood shelves

Jeff’s Bookcase

Hope's desk / table

Hope’s Desk / table

Helen's home office unit

Helen’s home office unit

Murray's entertainment unit

Murray’s entertainment unit

Custom made bookshelves around window

Dave’s bookshelves

Custom made entertainment unit with wine storage

Entertainment Unit for Francesca and Bruce

Custom made bookshelves

Shelves for Francesca and Bruce

Custom made American oak shelves

Hope’s shelves

Custom made cabinet by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

Hope’s cabinet

Custom made dining table by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

Nathan’s dining table

Custom made shelves by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

Under-stairs shelves

Custom made coffee table by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

S-shaped coffee table

custom made plywood table by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

Plywood Table

Custom made Loft bed

Jade’s Loft bed

Built in desk and storage

Sarah’s desk and floating shelves

Plywood desk

Hallway shelves

Hope’s cabinets and speaker box

Custom made cabinet

Liquor cabinet

Custom made Zen table

Zen table

Tasmanian blackwood entertainment unit

Entertainment unit

Kauri pine bookshelves

Bookshelves/display case

Custom child's bed & storage in plywood

Child’s bed with storage in plywood

Custom made plywood kid's desk

Child’s desk in plywood

Custom made plywood sound desk

Tom’s plywood sound desk

Tasmanian blackwood chest / window seat

Rick’s chest / window seat

Custom made bed

Adam’s bed

Custom made bookshelves

Flat pack bookshelves

Custom made plywood dining table

Simon’s plywood dining table

Custom made cantilevered bookshelves, Australian blackwood frame, plywood shelves, finished with Danish oil and bees wax

Kates’s cantilevered bookshelves

University bench/table

Bench/table for Sydney Uni

Custom made table top

Hollow wooden table top

Custom made desk in Himalayan pine

Rachel’s desk

Art deco style entertainment unit

Custom made chest of drawers, Tasmanian myrtle finished with Danish oil

Michael’s chest of drawers

Custom made bookshelves, kauri pine finished with Danish oil

Helen’s kauri pine bookshelves

Custom made bookshelves in kauri pine

Bookshelves for Mel & Dicko

Custom made bed in silky oak

Bill and Magdalen’s Silky Oak bed

Custom made storage unit (cupboards and shelves), recycled oregon finished with Danish oil and then waxed

Recycled oregon storage unit – shelves and cupboards

Recycled oregon entertainment unit, finished with Danish oil and then waxed

Recycled oregon entertainment unit

Custom made kauri pine bookshelves, finished with Danish oil

Claire’s kauri pine bookshelves

Single bed

Drying ladder


Kauri pine bookshelves

Kauri pine bookshelves

Custom made bookshelves with wine storage section

Bookshelves with wine storage

Screen with hardwood frame and woven plywood slats


Custom made bookshelves

Maple bookshelves

Custom made maple desk

Maple desk

Custom made coffee table

Judd inspired coffee table

Plywood Desk

Plywood desk

Shelves in Oregon with satin clear finish

Oregon bookshelves

Custom made desk/work station

Plywood work station

Custom made floating desk

Floating desk and shelves

Surfboard racks

ironbark bench

Ironbark bench

Custom made garden shed

Garden shed with bench seat

Hall table with plywood legs and hardwood top, finished with Japan Black

Hall table

Iron wood bench

Iron wood bench

Coffee table in furniture-grade plywood

Coffee table

Tai Chi training sword

Tai Chi Training Sword