Susan’s octagonal coffee table

Tasmanian blackwood table with lift off top becomes a games table

Andrew’s dining/games table

Catherine’s drop-leaf dining table

Janai’s birch plywood table

Round coffee table

Sophie’s round coffee table

Laura’s coffee tables

Rick’s outdoor setting

Phillip's custom dining table

Phillip’s dining table

Custom made floating console

Ron’s floating console

Zephyr's coffee table with drawer

Zephyr’s coffee table with drawer

Sarah’s round dining table

Custom made Extending dining table

Mike’s extending dining table

Simon’s table

Custom made work bench

Communal Office Bench

Moon Park Restaurant tables

Sarah's table

Sarah’s kitchen table

custom made American oak coffee table

Floating cabinets and coffee table

Hope's desk / table

Hope’s Desk / table

Custom made dining table by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

Nathan’s dining table

Custom made coffee table by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

S-shaped coffee table

custom made plywood table by Nathaniel Grey, Sydney

Plywood Table

Custom made Zen table

Zen table

Custom made plywood kid's desk

Child’s desk in plywood

Custom made plywood dining table

Simon’s plywood dining table

University bench/table

Bench/table for Sydney Uni

Custom made table top

Hollow wooden table top

Custom made coffee table

Judd inspired coffee table

Hall table with plywood legs and hardwood top, finished with Japan Black

Hall table

Coffee table in furniture-grade plywood

Coffee table